ahoy mates, Captain Pi here inviting you on an adventure.

It’s a historical adventure taking you to some of the coolest locations wheres ya might see treasure or hearz bout strange things that goes bump in the night and the bravest swashbuckers who created these parts.

First things first mates, these tales aint no fairy tales and not your high and mighty history.

They says dead man tell no tales, and dead cats don’t mew.

So who knows these pirat stories, we do the rats that lived on the ships and villages that built this country.

These are what my old and illustrious family of what you people calls Rats are our PiRat tails

These storys are our gold and will make your spine jump like a porpoise. Their wicked good.

Those that are deserving that is and has signs articles will get adventures to fill their boots.
 so fasten your seat belts theres a fair wind blowing, So start your adventure.

Become a member PiRat yourself that’s Pirate investigation Research n analysis Team.

We have collected lore from many old forgotten places, Piratelore, Treasurelore and Folklore.

Got a story from your grand parents share it with us and we may add it to our adventures and note your contribution.

Thank ye matey